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Basketmakers Book Authors
& Writings
Digital Art Doll Artists Fiber Artists Food Producers Members-Sites Not related to
Art & Craft
Glasswork Galleries Jewelry Metalwork Miscellaneous
Art & Craft
Oil, Acrylic
Watercolors etc.
Links to Art & Craft groups or associations
ecorative & Tole
Performing Arts Photography Printmaking  
Sculpture Other Toys & Games Wood Carvings Woodcraft Wreaths & Flowers    

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bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Basketmakers

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Book Authors & Writings

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Digital Art

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Doll Artists

Mountain Elves Old World Santas & Christmas Collectibles

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Fiber Artists

Cyndi Bolt Designs Rainbow dyed, hand woven wearable

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Fine Art  (Painting Oil, acrylic, watercolors etc.)

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Food Producers

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Glasswork

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Galleries

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Jewelry

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Metalwork

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Miscellaneous   (Art & Craft)

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Painting   (Decorative, Tole)

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Pottery   (Hand thrown)

Pine Hill Pottery A unique studio pottery
Hannah's Pottery
Hand thrown stoneware pottery with a maple leaf design

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Pottery   (Other, Ceramics)

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Performing Arts

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Photography

Sterling "Rip" Smith  Fine Art and Architectural Photography

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Printmaking

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Sculpture (Other)

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Toys & Games

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Wood Carvings

Christina's Carvings Carving/Sculpting of Characters, Wildlife & Nature Motifs

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Woodcraft

      Storybook Joinery By Charles S. Boland "Bench-Made" Windsor Chairs

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Wreaths & Flowers

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Members with sites not related to Art & Craft

bullett42xf.jpg (5621 bytes)Links to Art & Craft groups or associations

      Tamarack "The best of West Virginia" is the nation’s first showcase of handcrafts, fine art & regional cuisine.

      Mountainmade.com   MountainMade Artisan Gallery and the Country Store in Thomas, WV.

      www.msacf.com   Mountain State Arts & Craft Fair at Cedar Lakes Conference Center, Ripley WV.


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